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The owner of the web office i.triglav and of the domain (in the continuation i.triglav) is Triglav osiguranje d.d., d.d., Antuna Heinza 4, Zagreb. Triglav osiguranje d.d. promotes the keeping of accurate and up-dated data, published in the web site

The data in i.triglav are meant for information only and have no legal consequences, except when it is explicitly stated. Neither Triglav osiguranje d.d. nor any other legal entity or natural person, who participated in the creation and elaboration of this web office, is in any case responsible towards insured persons, beneficiaries, shareholders, or any other third person for any damage, which would result from the existence, access, usage, and/or incapability of use of i.triglav and/or information in i.triglav, or would be related to them, and not even for any mistakes or deficiencies in their contents. The user is likewise aware that all the data in i.triglav are meant for information only, therefore they can not be used in the procedure of enforcing or proving the rights from the underwritten insurance. The user is aware that all the information, available for him within or through the use of the i.triglav, are the exclusively responsibility and property of the insurance company.

Triglav osiguranje d.d. is not responsible for the form and the contents of data, acquired by means of links, which are not the property of Triglav osiguranje d.d. likewise, it is not responsible for the protection of privacy at the said links.

Triglav osiguranje d.d. reserves the right to change the contents of i.triglav at any time, in any way, and regardless the reason, and that without prior warning. The insurance company does not take responsibility for any consequences of such changes.


Based on the Copyright and Related Rights Act Triglav osiguranje d.d. the holder of material copyrights over the author's contents in the broadest sense (graphic elements, photos, illustrations, or other presentations of a text), published in i.triglav. Meaning, that it is forbidden to perform any copying, transcription, multiplication, and any propagation for commercial purposes , without the written consent of Triglav osiguranje d.d.

The Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP) permits, exceptionally, the use or reproduction of the author's works based on the right of the public to be informed, for the educational purposes, and for the illustration, confrontation, and the referral in the quotation form; however, in this case the statement of the source of the author's work is compulsory. The use and the reproduction of the author's work in limited number for the private, non-commercial use, are allowed, too.

Privacy policy

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act Triglav osiguranje d.d. assures that it make its best endeavors to protect personal data of the users of these web pages. Triglav osiguranje d.d. can process the personal data of persons, with whom it has a contractual relationship, if it concerns the personal data, the collection of which is based on the the Insurance Act, the personal data of persons, with whom it has a contractual relationship, and it needs those data for the implementation of contractual obligations or enforcement of rights, resulting from the contractual relationship, or, if it disposes with a written consent of an individual for the processing of personal data.

The processing means collecting, saving, grouping, monitoring, usage, or communicating of data in the personal data filing system, including the transfer, searching, blocking, and deleting. The personal data will be saved and used only as long as it is required for the achievement of the purpose of processing.

Triglav osiguranje d.d. will, based on your explicit personal consent and in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP), use your personal data for the needs of the marketing of the property insurance and of personal insurances, and will inform you about the novelties of the insurance offer via various communication means.

Observing the legal notice provisions

The admission to the web site i.triglav means, that you agree with all here stated limitations and terms. If you do not agree with all the limitations and terms, you are kindly asked not to use this site. We recommend you to visit our web site from time to time and to review repeatedly our valid legal notice, since you are bound by it.

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