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What is i.triglav?

i.triglav is a web service, intended for the customers, who have underwritten a life insurance with the Triglav insurance company. The customers, who act as the insurer of the insurer policy, can have access to view into the data in the insurance policy, they can manage the data in a certain extend, and they have the possibility to follow-up the value of other investments. The web service is available 24 hours a day on a PC.

What does the i.triglav provide for me?

  • On-line overview of data in the insurance policy
  • On-line overview of date on claims
  • Follow-up of payments as per the insurance policy
  • Informative calculations
  • Entries and follow-up of other investments
  • Completing and filing requests
  • Learning about novelties

What do I need for the access to i.triglav?

For the use of the web office i.triglav you need a PC, Internet connection, and the created user's name. However, for the login to the insurance policy you need a personal number.

What is a personal number?

The personal number provides access to the data in your insurance policy. You can get it by submitting a completed request in i.triglav. You use it at each login of the insurance policy. The personal number is composed of six signs (numbers and letters). It is bound to the person and is fixed. The personal number can be acquired again only by personal delivery at Triglav osiguranje d.d.

Where can I get my personal number?

The personal number will be sent by Triglav by the registered mail to the insurer's address or to the address of the insured person, if it concerns the policy, where the insurer is a minor person. When entering the policy number the customer enter personal number. If the customer access with the personal number and he hasn't got one yet, he enters his tax number in the appropriate field, and then he receives his personal number by mail.

What can I do if I forget my personal number?

You can apply for the repeated issue of the personal number in person at the insurance company or through the heading "Write to us".

Whom can I call in the case of difficulties at logging in?

The information on operation are available on the phone number 051/358-200. The eventual difficulties or your questions can also be communicated by the heading »Write to us«.

What is the price of the use of the i.triglav?

The use of the i.triglav is free-of-charge.

Why can't I report my insurance policy?

The reasons for these can be:

  • you are not specified as insurer in the policy (the underwriter) - namely, the policy can only be registered by the insurer, or, by rule of exception, the insurer person, if it concerns the policy of a minor person;
  • the insurance company does not dispose with the tax number in the concerned insurance policy, therefore it can not identify the customer, who wants to access to the policy - we advise you to visit us at the insurance company and to present the appropriate data.

Why must I report each policy separately?

Only by the registration of each policy we can assure the insight into the data to the entitled person. Namely, the comparison between the data from the user's registration and the data, stated in the insurance policy, is carried out.

Where can I find the instructions for use?

All the procedures, starting from the user's name and the registration of the insurance policy to the use of particular functions, are presented in demonstrations. You can find them in the »Usage demonstration«.

How do I register myself?

To perform the registration to i.triglav, the insurer at his first login states his user's name (e-mail address) and chooses his password. The insurance company sends the confirmation of the login to the indicated e-mail address, thus providing to the insurer to perform his further logins by using the given user's name and the confirmed password.

How do I log in?

The login to i.triglav can be done by entering the user's name and the password.

What can I do if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password for the access to i.triglav, complete the heading "Lost password" by entering your user's name. You will receive a new password to your e-mail address.

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